#Charoalmasqueawesomeness My Client wanted to brighten her skin while reducing her congestion. The Dermalogica Charcoal Recovery Masque delivers this by using Sulfur for brighting and alpha hydroxy acids. Also the Niacinamide helps reduce congested pores.
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Nina C
Nina C
What kind of mask did you use?
Kaitlyn Bryant
Kaitlyn Bryant
^ it's dermalogica charcoal recovery masque!
Facial time #prettyskin
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Lira vita Brite chemical series peel #lira #kennethshulerflo
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Basic Facial #facial
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Pamela Ornelas
Pamela Ornelas
UltraCalming Treatment
All done with her first chemical peel!
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kat  kat
kat kat
She looks happy
Anna Garcia
European wax center the rim
#SignatureSkinTreatment I got rid of some of his little blackheads hidden in his mustache, along with the right side of his chin! Leaving him satisfied and fresh!
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