Beautiful make up client going to homecoming. She brought in an inspiration pic, I feel like I got pretty close. What makes me happiest is that she loved it. #smokeyeyes #autumncolors #eyebrows #anastasiabrows
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The twist of the vine, the texture of the leaves, the colors of autumn, these ideas are the inspiration for my look. As a Northwest native, nature has always been my greatest inspiration, and because hair is a living and growing art form, the concepts overlap in my mind to create a sense of biomimicry. As a wearer and stylist of dreadlocks, I’ve often felt that the growth of locked hair is akin to that of a vine; analogous because you can observe, growth, maintenance, and sometimes even small clues about life history, in the length of each lock. My work with dreadlocks has always required patience and persistence, and this project was no exception. I started by coloring the hair with 3 different color formulas as well as blondor at 40 vol. Each lock had its own unique color placement, and the total application and processing time was around 4 hours. Later on vibrant accents were painted on to the prelightened pieces using special mix and water to create different levels of translucence. To create the curl texture, I used a firm hold gel and flexi rods of various sizes placed from larger at the nape, to smallest around the frame of the face. We let the set dry for almost 48 hours, removed the rods and created the style using exclusively mechanical means: pins, elastics and small jaw clamps. The curls were arranged to cover the scaffolding, and accent the shape with color placement. Dreadlocks are what sparked my interest in hair, and I feel this look is a reflection of my dedication to my craft. Pushing the limits of how we think of dreadlocks as a hairstyle, and even as a form of art, is truly a passion of mine. #bcladvfall14 #laylaslocks #londonhaireugene #autumncolors #dreadlocks #curl
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Jeffe Weil
Jeffe Weil
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Rita Goolkasian
love the look!
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Layla Dudley
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