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Redken offers an unbeatable collection of hair care, styling, and men’s products that incorporate protein based ingredients for long-term hair health. Based on their extensive knowledge and understanding of science and hair, Redken’s extensive portfolio of products includes something for every hair type. Specific lines for both men and women include shampoos, conditioners, special treatments, styling products, and treatment stylers. No matter if you need softness, volume, support, color protection, nourishment, scalp relief, or environmental protection, Redken has a formula perfect for your hair’s needs.

The Redken Story

Founded in 1960, Redken Laboratories was inspired by the dream of American actress Paula Kent. Knowing how frequent services and harsh chemicals could ravage hair and scalp, Paula and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding, developed three key hair care products based on the three principles of protein technology, a correct pH balance, and the availability of professional consultations in purchasing formulas for hair care needs. Development of healthy, effective products continued, and in 1993, Redken was purchased by L’Oreal. The company now has strong partnerships with global salons, quality research and development teams, and talented and enthusiastic employees. Moving hair technology forward – Redken knows how!


Founded on principles of protein technology and a balanced pH, Redken revolutionized hair care with its concept of protein reconditioning. Because hair is composed mainly of proteins, Redken researched and developed ways to incorporate protein based ingredients into their products for long-term hair health. Their patented protein technologies hold over 60 global patents, and the ingredients used in Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System help transform the inner structure of the hair  - essentially feeding it from the inside so the outside is healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Their 3D Repair Complex contains ceramides, natural lipids, and cuticle reinforcement that allow for the resurfacing of hair. Redken is committed to strengthening the science in hair technology.

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