La' James International College - #LJICSelfie

This contest ended August 7, 2014

Winners will be announced soon!

Tara Chapman
Cost Cutters

I love La James because the people I get to work with here in Iowa City are amazing. I love all of my clients and the new people I get to meet. the teachers here are the best ever and I have learned so much and they do so much for me. I know all of the teachers truly care. school is fun and LJIC has given me so many amazing opportunities. I'm glad I chose ljic. #LJICselfie
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#ljicselfie #selfie #BabeExtensions #makeup #fun Without LJIC- Des Moines I couldn't have started my Cosmo career! I love going to school here, all the teachers are knowledgable about everything they teach & are always there to help you with any questions you have! #LoveYourFuture
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#ljicselfie I love la'james because I get to come to school everyday and make people feel beautiful and great about themselves :)
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#LJICselfie I Love this school because the teachers inpire me to learn new things every single day and one day I want to be one of them.
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Emily Christoffersen
American Players Theatre

#LJICselfie I love Iowa City La James for the wonderful instructors!
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Teira Koehler
Bella Mia

#LJICselfie I love LJIC because it offers so much more than just a career, it influences you to be your best and to share your artistic abilities.
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Emily Christoffersen
American Players Theatre

#ljicselfie I love the Iowa City location for the events and extra opportunities I've had!
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Teira Koehler
Bella Mia

#ljicselfie Liking my first rotation at ljic. I've learned practicing can always make you better, you just have to have an open mind and stay positive.
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Danii Vanessa
Independent Service Provider

#LJICSelfie #LJIC Why wouldnt I pick La'James I've had the chance to meet amazing Instructors and faboulous future Cosmos, Massage Therapist, Nail Techs, and Esthetician. I don't just feel like a student I feel like a Big Happy Family. Everyday my instructors are teaching me new things and as well as me showing them new things. I love how they are open to new ideas and new styles. I am proud to say I went to La'James as I further my career in this industry. #LJIC #LJICSelfie
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