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Used in top salons and spas for a perfectly polished finish every time, CND™ nail formulas are also available for home use! These professional and fast-drying base coats, polishes, and top coats are glossy, strong, and extend the life of any manicure or pedicure. These phenomenally popular mani and pedi products ensure a professional looking manicure every time! A staple at New York’s Fashion Week, CND™ is a favorite of designers and models.

The CND™ line of nail accessories includes hand and cuticle treatments, cleansers, lotions, preparation products and tools, nail treatments, a huge array of nail colors, and their newest and incredibly trendy Shellac line of long-lasting UV colors.

CND™ Story

CND™ takes pride in its reliable products, its empowering educational initiative, and its practical business strategies. Established in 1979 to provide beauty for hands and feet, CND™ has built the complete package of products, support, and services for every nail professional and home user.

In the beginning, CND™ was developed by a dentist who recognized that tooth capping material had potential for long-wearing nail protection and color. Dr. Stuart Nordstrom helped develop CND™ SolorNail™ liquid, the industry’s initial formula for strengthening nails. Since then, CND™ has continued its innovative mission by building on sound chemical research and listening to the needs of polish users. They now have hundreds of incredible products for every nail need.


All CND™ products are researched and developed in a high-tech laboratory where extensive testing and safety evaluations are completed. CND™ never uses toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.

CND™ also has an exciting breakthrough in nail care – their Shellac line offers 14-day wear with no drying time and a mirror finish. To accomplish this, CND™ scientists created a patent-pending formulation of solvents, monomers, and polymers that is hypoallergenic and without comparison for wear and removability.  

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