Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Bronze Edition

Beauty Benefits
  • Creates instant attraction and glow getting curve appeal.
  • Infused with romance-enhancing pheromones to make you irresistible.
  • Offers skin firming benefits and a healthy radiance for all skin types.
  • Great for use all year round.
Skin Type
Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Bath & Body Product Type
Works For
Loss of Firmness/Sagging Skin

Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Bronze Edition is a stunning multi-tasking formula that creates a golden glow on your skin, attracts the fun crowd, and firms your skin all over. Formulated with a proprietary pheromone blend, this flirty favorite will inspire body-to-body chemistry and make you even more irresistible that you already are. Plus, wheat proteins and skin polishers smooth and perfect your outer beauty. (Please note: Not a sunless tanner.)

Who It’s For: Recommended for all skin types.

How It Works:

  • Tritisol XM firms and tightens skin for a youthful appearance.
  • UGL Complex increases firmness and tone in skin.
  • Pheromones enhance the libido and create a romantic mood.

Suggested Use: Smooth on skin all over body for a sexy glow.



Skin Type: Normal/Combination
Sensitive Skin
Complexion: Fair

Best Bronzer I've Tried!

"I love that this gives me an instant natural looking glow. If I am going to be baring my legs in a pair of shorts or a cute sundress, this product is part of my morning routine. It also works great to cover up swimsuit tan lines on my shoulders when wearing something strapless. A little bit goes a long way and I've even mixed it with a body butter before applying. "

K Squared Glamour

Skin Type: Oily
Non - Sensitive Skin
Complexion: Fair

LOVE the look this gives my skin!

"I really love the natural sun kissed glow my VERY pale skin gets from this bronzer. Ideally I like to apply a self tanner once a week at night to keep from being pale but more often than not I am to tired at night and pass out before I get this done. Therefore, I go days even weeks with pale looking skin. Since I love in the dessert where its in the 100’s I prefer to wear shorts or dresses but don’t dare to when I am that pale. This bronzer has been PERFECT for those days I’m pale but really need to wear shorts because of the heat. Takes seconds to apply and looks fabulous! Plus it has beautiful speckles of shimmer that is not overwhelming but adds a nice touch. See the difference one layer of this lotion does to my skin in a matter of seconds. TO see photos and a full review check out my blog post here: "

Anna Sisk

Skin Type: Oily
Non - Sensitive Skin
Complexion: Olive

Can't Live Without

"This Bronzer gave me a glow on my face and body i loved it!! And i got that extra attention girls love!! Nice scent. Just make sure to exfoliate first then put it on or you might get streaks. But overall it was fab try it today for summer you can wear it day or night."

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